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Edition: 2
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Vanaf heden is het weer mogelijk om Fokker Nieuws te publiceren. Helaas is Frans van Zelm nog niet in staat dit te doen, maar het aanbod dat wij kregen van
Hans Hoffmann om het voorlopig over te nemen, hebben wij natuurlijk met beide handen aangegrepen.
Wij zouden het daarom zeer op prijs stellen dat, wanneer u nieuws en/of foto's van Fokker heeft, dit nu te sturen naar: fokkernews@gmail.com

After some months’ interruption, Fokker News is up and running again. Our long-term editor Frans van Zelm is still unable to process updates due to his medical condition, but the AIRnieuws editors are happy to announce that Hans Hoffmann will take over the Fokker News section for the time being.
Please send your updates and pictures to fokkernews@gmail.com.

The Fokker Fleetlist will be regulary updated with news and/or pictures. Please be advised to check this section frequently!

This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other related news to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60)
and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the
Fokker Fleetlist . The airframes are printed in chronological order.
For reactions on the contents or sharing news updates please contact the editor:

Note: when an update has been made to the previous publication, the registration in the 4th column is changed into blue.

     Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

As already mentioned in the previous Fokkernieuws, Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) is operating two Amapola F50’s in their own livery on domestic services.
This picture shows SE-LEB (20120) arriving in Munich airport on probably its first international flight (Gerhard Schütz, Munich, October 6, 2017).

After a long period of storage and maintenance by Samco, Palestinian Airlines F50 (20123) eventually departed, still carrying Niger Airlines titles; it had arrived at Maastricht on March 25, 2016. Currently it is still unclear which airline it will operate for, as Niger Airlines wants to replace their Fokkers by ATR-72 equipment before the end of 2017 (Peter Gralla, Maastricht, October 29, 2017).

Like in the past, virtual airline Vizion Air is underlining its cooperation with the “new” Belgian VLM by having a F50 painted in their golden color scheme, this time
OO-VLN (20145) (Paul Soons, Antwerp, September 15, 2017).

Nearly all Fokkers flying in Kenya are all white or carry very basic remainders of their past operators’ livery. A nice exception is Jetways, who had at least one of their F50 (5Y-JWZ, 20208) painted in their house colors. Also a F100 (10307) was seen in this livery (Jetways Airlines, Nairobi, 2017).

Another Kenyan F50 with at least some color is 5Y-JWX (20209), currently operating for Ocean Airlines of Somalia. The picture shows this aircraft, unloading medical relief goods at Mogadishu airport in a humanitarian operation coordinated by the African Union Mission in Somalia after a terrorist attack in the city center
(Amisom, Mogadishu, October 17, 2017).

Three of the four former Flugfélag Íslands Fokkers that got some maintenance at Fokker Services have already been delivered to their new operators in Kenya. The fourth is still waiting at Woensdrecht; TF-JMS carries a special scheme with “Fljúgđu í fangit á þeim sem þu elskar” titles, meaning “Fly into the arms of the one you love”, which are a bit damaged at this side of the plane (Hans Hoffmann, Woensdrecht, November 19, 2017).
20119 050Freighter   PK-KRP Asialink Cargo Airlines, Batam, Indonesia. Was only sporadically active in the last years; currently undergoing a D-check at Fokker Services at Seletar. The airline's future is uncertain, as the airline and/or the aircraft are offered for sale. 
20123 050   SU-YAH Palestinian Airlines, made testflight 111117 at Maastricht; ferried from Maastricht via Corfu to Amman 131117-141117 as PNW901, still with Niger Airlines titles.
20106 050 XA-UZN VH-FNA MAYAir Mexico. Departed from Zanzibar on its way to Mexico 011217. Routed through Khartoum, Heraklion, Turin, Luxemburg, Prestwick and Keflavik in basic Virgin Australia livery.
20145 050   OO-VLN SHS Antwerp Aviation NV, painted 130917 in full golden Vizion Air c/s and named Sus Antigoon, a ghost character in the Belgian Suske and Wiske cartoon. Vizion Air is a virtual boutique airline that closely cooperates with the new VLM out of Antwerp.
20187 050   YV2977 Avior Airlines Colombia, dba Gran Colombia de Aviación. Reportedly Venezuelan operator Avior has  transferred the entire fleet to its Colombian daughter airline, in order to circumvent the difficulties flying from Venezuela. This would also include YV2976 (20188), YV2917 (20193), YV2936 (20195) and YV2948 (20198). Time will show if this Colombian operation has really started.
20197 050Freighter 5Y- OE-IJT Jetcom srl, seen Bergamo 161117 making pre-delivery test flight. Destined for Jetways Airlines Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya.
20209 050   5Y-JWX Ocean Airlines (on lease from Jetways, Kenya), seen in full livery at Mogadishu 171017, bringing medical relief goods donated by Kenya.
20223 050 5Y-SMO TF-JMN Silverstone Air Services Ltd., leased from Avmax 280917. Delivered  from Woensdrecht via Heraklion and Karthoum to Nairobi Wilson, its new operator's base 13 to 141117, still in full Flugfélag livery. TF-JMN cancelled 280917.
20226 050   OO-VLI SHS Antwerp Aviation NV, made official first flight of the "new" VLM 301017 from Antwerp to London City airport as VO103, then still under its Slovenian Air Operators Certificate. In November, VLM  finally secured its Belgian license for flying Fokker F50, as well as the two Airbus A320 that the airline has recently taken over from Thomas Cook Belgium.
20243 050 5Y-WFB TF-JMR Buff Air Services, Nairobi, Kenya, bought from Avmax 18-09-2017. Delivered 101017 from Woensdrecht via Heraklion and Karthoum to Nairobi Wilson in full Flugfélag colors. Icelandic registration cancelled 280917.
20250 050 5Y-WFC TF-JMT Buff Air Services, Nairobi, Kenya. Delivered 18 to 191017 in full Flugfélag livery from Woensdrecht via Heraklion and Karthoum to Nairobi Wilson. TF-registration cancelled 280917.
20264 050   OO-VLZ VLM Airlines. Returned to Antwerp after maintenance in Saarbrücken 011217.
     Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

The Fokker fleet of Alliance Airlines is steadily growing, since the company bought all Fokkers retired by Austrian Airlines: currently there are 29 airframes in Australian service (19 F100 and 10 F70), with some 12 more to come in the near future. Among the latest deliveries were F100 VH-UQD (11460; flee/Malaysian Wings; Perth, November 16, 2017) and F70 VH-NKQ (11572; deezzullens la photographie, Kuala Lumpur-Subang, October 10, 2017).


Not only KLM Cityhopper had phased out the last Fokkers, also Austrian Airlines is in the process of saying farewell to their very last F100 aircraft. For this occasion OE-LVE (10499) is adorned on the left hand side with special “Austrian says goodbye Fokker 1988-2017” titles, commemorating almost 30 years of Fokker operations in Austria (Jacques Vooren, Amsterdam, October 11, 2017).

One of the last Network Fokkers that was repainted into the QantasLink livery is VH-NHQ (11506). The picture shows the new, slightly revised color scheme (flee/Malaysian Wings, Perth, November 15, 2017).

As mentioned in other sections of Airnieuws, KLM Cityhopper said farewell to their last active Fokkers in the weekend of October 28, 2017. Seven were flown to Norwich and a single one (PH-KZK, 11581) was ferried to Maastricht, where it was captured with titles and logos covered, in preparation for Jetways in Kenya
(Björn van der Velpen, Maastricht, November 1, 2017).
11265 100   D-AOLH Avanti Air. Certificate of Airworthiness expired in 2016. Stored in Saarbrücken since; seen there 080817 without engines and many other parts missing, in basic OLT Express c/s with fake registration D-FIRRI.
11284 100   XA-MRA Click Mexicana. Withdrawn from service in 2013 and used as bar and restaurant since. Broken op in October 2017;  the front cabin is now used as a trainer. It is painted in Mexicana c/s and has the fake registration XA-MXA0721.
11347 100   UP-F1008 Caspiy. Seen stored in Almaty 130717, together with UP-F1002 (11371), UP-F1001 (11384), and Cross UP-F1003 (11375).
11406 100   OE-IIC International Jet Management (M Jet). Was withdrawn from use at Woensdrecht since 220617, but returned to Sheremetyevo and Warsaw 131017 for resuming active service.
11426 100   UP-F1012 Bek Air (Halyk Air). Seen without engines in Almaty 130717, together with UP-F1011 (11517) and UP-F1010 (11527), which both were active.
11446 100   VH-UQG Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd. Ferried from Bratislava to Norwich 081017 in basic Austrian Airlines c/s for additional maintenance and presumably painting. 
11460 100   VH-UQD Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd. Made testflight in Bratislava 271017 and took off the next day on delivery to Perth. In service since early November.
11483 100 VH- OE-LVF Austrian Airlines. Last service 270817. Ferried from Vienna to Bratislava 050917 for maintenance prior to delivery to Alliance Airlines.
11499 100   OE-LVE Austrian Airlines. Carries special  "Austrian says goodbye Fokker 1988-2017" titles on left-hand side since 280917 for commemorating phasing-out of F70 and F100. The last Austrian Fokker flight is planned for December 31, 2017 with this F100 from Vienna to Pristina.
11500 100   UP-F1005 Bek Air (Halyk Air). Seen in service Almaty 13072017 with Safi titles applied.
11506 100   VH-NHQ QantasLink (Network). Seen in Perth 051017 in a new, revised livery.
11536 070 5B-DDA PH-KZL KLM Cityhopper. Made last revenue flight 281017 for KLC and was transferred from Amsterdam to Norwich 291017 as KL9959 for interim storage. Storage was short, as the aircraft was delivered 241117 from Norwich to Larnaca in all white, for TUS Airways in Cyprus.
11539 070 PZ- PH-KZP KLM Cityhopper. Made last revenue flight 011017 as KL0920. Ferried from Amsterdam to Norwich 021017 as KL9955 for interim storage; destined for FlyAllways in Surinam.
11540 070 OB- PH-KZS KLM Cityhopper. Made its last revenue flight 281017 and was transferred from Amsterdam to Norwich 291017 for interim storage. Destined for an airline in Peru.
11543 070 PZ- PH-KZU KLM Cityhopper. The F70 carrying the special “Thank you Fokker” c/s made the very last Fokker flight for KLM Cityhopper on 281017 as KL1070 from London Heathrow to Amsterdam. Ferried from Amsterdam to Norwich 291017 for interim storage. This aircraft reportedly is for Fly Allways in Surinam.
11558 070   PH-KZW KLM Cityhopper. Withdrawn from use in 2015. The tail has been incorporated into a monument on Schiphol airport, commemorating 97 years of cooperation between Fokker and KLM.
11561 070 5B-  PH-KZM KLM Cityhopper. Made last KLC flight from Hannover to Amsterdam on 271017 and ferried from Amsterdam to Norwich 281017 for interim storage. Destined for TUS Airways as their second F70 (the airline already operates two F100’s).
11562 070 PZ- PH-KZB KLM Cityhopper. Made last revenue flight from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam 281017 and transferred from Amsterdam to Norwich 291017 for interim storage. Believed to go to Fly Allways in Surinam.
11563 070 P2-ANZ PH-WXD Air Niugini. PH- registration cancelled 200917.
11566 070 001 PH-KZC Myanmar Air Force (operated by MWG Avia). PH- registration cancelled 271017. Myanmar serial to be confirmed.
11567 070 P2- PH-KZA KLM Cityhopper. Ferried Amsterdam-Tozeur-Al Ain-Nagpur-Seletar 061017 to 081017 for maintenance and paint. Bought by Air Niugini.  
11572 070 VH-NKQ OE-FLR Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd. Delivery flight from Bratislava via Tozeur, Al Ain, Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur, Kupang to Brisbane 081017 to 111017 as SXI1726 in full Alliance livery, with VH- registration. Seen in service 121117.
11579 070 PZ- PH-KZI KLM Cityhopper. Last commercial flight from Luxemburg to Amsterdam on 281017 and ferried from Amsterdam to Norwich 281017 for interim storage. Intended for Fly Allways in Surinam.
11581 070 5Y- PH-KZK KLM Cityhopper. Was already withdrawn from service in summer 2017. Ferried Amsterdam to Maastricht 281017 for maintenance. Seen 011117 at Maastricht in basic KLM c/s with all titles and logos overtaped. Destined for Jetways in Kenya.
11582 070 P2- PH-KZD KLM Cityhopper. Delivered Amsterdam-Tozeur-Al Ain-Nagpur-Seletar  080917 to 100917 as SXI1741 for maintenance prior to entering service with Air Niugini. PH- registration cancelled 250917.
11583 070 PH-KZH P4-FKC Insel Air. Seen Curacao 281017 with PH- registration. Returned to lessor and ferried Curacao, Nassau, Halifax, Keflavik, Woensdrecht 271117 to 291117 as SXI1747, in full Insel Air livery. The entire Insel Air F70 fleet is grounded at Curacao sine 01-2017 due to not fullfilling regulations;