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Edition: 3
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Vanaf heden is het weer mogelijk om Fokker Nieuws te publiceren. Helaas is Frans van Zelm nog niet in staat dit te doen, maar het aanbod dat wij kregen van
Hans Hoffmann om het voorlopig over te nemen, hebben wij natuurlijk met beide handen aangegrepen.
Wij zouden het daarom zeer op prijs stellen dat, wanneer u nieuws en/of foto's van Fokker heeft, dit nu te sturen naar: fokkernews@gmail.com

After some months’ interruption, Fokker News is up and running again. Our long-term editor Frans van Zelm is still unable to process updates due to his medical condition, but the AIRnieuws editors are happy to announce that Hans Hoffmann will take over the Fokker News section for the time being.
Please send your updates and pictures to fokkernews@gmail.com.

The Fokker Fleetlist will be regulary updated with news and/or pictures. Please be advised to check this section frequently!

This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other related news to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60)
and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the
Fokker Fleetlist . The airframes are printed in chronological order.
For reactions on the contents or sharing news updates please contact the editor:

Note: when an update has been made to the previous publication, the registration in the 4th column is changed into blue.

Rectification: The photo of the Jetways F50 that was shown in the previous edition (5Y-JWZ, 20208) appears to be a manipulated picture, probably an artist’s impression of a possible future livery. In reality the aircraft is white with black titles only.

     Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

MAYAir has taken delivery of their second F50, XA-UZN (20106). The aircraft was ferried in early December from Nairobi in Kenya to Cozumel in Mexico in basic Virgin Australia livery with a sticker of VGAS, the broker who arranged the transaction (Flat cap, Reykjavik, December 6, 2017).

Silverstone Air had one of their F50’s (5Y-SMO, 20223) decorated with decals promoting the Diani Beach Festival 2017, a sports and entertainment festival on one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya (Graphic World Ltd., Facebook site, accessed 090118).

VLM Fokker 50 OO-VLS (20109) was baptized “Freddy van Gaever”, in honor of VLM’s founder who passed away in December.
(Wout Goossens, Antwerp, December 23, 2017)
10295 400   5Y-SEP Safari Express Cargo Ltd. Recent information identified the operator; the airline is based in Nairobi and reportedly also flies 5Y-FMM (10318) and 5Y-SEC (10550).
10544 400M   A-2707 Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU). This aircraft was involved in an incident on 220612 and has probably not be operational since. It was partially restored in Bandung and transported by road 111217-131217 to Yogyakarta for reassembly and future display in the "Dirgantara Mandala" Air Force museum .
10596 500   ZK-PAX New Zealand Post. Withdrawn from use in March 2016 and stored at Auckland. Offered for sale to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society of Australia, which has started a fund-raising campaign for covering the necessary maintenance and transfer costs.
10680 500Freighter   ZK-POH New Zealand Post. Withdrawn from use in March 2016 and stored at Auckland. Offered for sale to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society of Australia, which has started a fund-raising campaign for covering the necessary maintenance and transfer costs.
20106 050   XA-UZN MAYAir (Aerocuahonte). Delivery to Mexico completed, ferried 01 to 081217 from Nairobi via Khartoum, Heraklion, Turin, Luxemburg, Prestwick, Reykjavik, Halifax, Nassau to Cozumel in basic Virgin Australia c/s with VGAS sticker.
20109 050   OO-VLS VLM Airlines. The aircraft received the name "Freddy van Gaever" on 231217, as a tribute to the founder of VLM, who passed away few days before.
20121 050   5Y-WFA Rudufu Ltd. The aircraft was seen in all white with Atlas Air titles. As with many Kenyan operators, it is not clear how Atlas Air and Rudufu are related and when Atlas Air commenced operations of this airframe.
20197 050Freighter 5Y-JWB OE-IJT Jetways Airlines Ltd. Delivery flight from Bergamo via Heraklion and Khartoum to Nairobi Wilson 07 to 081217, in basic Miniliner livery without titles.
20223 050   5Y-SMO seen 131217 in new Silverstone c/s with Diani beach festival 2017 titles; 
20233 050   5Y-JXK SOM Express Airways. Again a new F50 operator in East Africa. The airline is based in Mogadishu, Somalia and apparently leases this F50 from Skyward in Kenya.
20249 050   5Y-CHM Rudufu Ltd. Aircraft was chartered by Silverstone Air for performing the inaugural flight from Nairobi Wilson to Ukunda, Kwale, Kenya 171017. It was in basic Skywest c/s.
20280 050   OB1770P ATSA Peru. On 211217 this aircraft was seen at Lima in a revised livery, sporting a blue tail with a white bird and large ATSA titles on the forward fuselage. It is unclear when this new corporate identity was introduced.
     Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

The 18-seat VIP Fellowship that used to fly for the Dutch Royal House and Government, is for sale (11045, ZS-PWM). After it career in the Netherlands, it continued flying for 10 years in Indonesia with Rajawali Air and Post Ekspres Prima. Currently it is stored at Lanseria airport, South Africa.
(Controller.com website, accessed 091217)

Sol del Paraguay was a short-term Fokker user; the airline planned to fly with 4 F100 aircraft, but only 3 have been in service. The airline ceased operations in 2012 and two of the aircraft were subsequently purchased by hotels in the country as publicity objects. This airframe (11304, ZP-CJK) is currently in use as a bar in the garden of the Hotel y Granja Doña Ramonita in Coratei, Paraguay. Officially it is registered as N795JM with Jet Midwest Group LLC in Wilmington, DE, USA, but even if this registration has ever been applied to the aircraft, it has expired. The F100 carries the Paraguayan registration from its active period.
(Hotel y Granja Doña Ramonita website, accessed 211217)


The other remaining F100 in Paraguay is preserved as a luxury restaurant at the Hotel del Rancho, Loma Grande, Paraguay as ZP-CFL (11348). For unknown reasons it carries "American Flight School Ciac N° 011” and "Te Amo Luana" titles and a Mickey Mouse figure. Like the sistership, it is officially registered as N798JM of Jet Midwest and also this registration is expired. (Hotel del Rancho, Facebook site, accessed 271217)

Apart from the entire Fokker fleet from Austrian Airlines, Alliance Airlines has recently acquired the former M-Jet F100 OE-IIC (11406). It was photographed with its new Australian registration VH-VIF shortly after arrival down under. (Christopher Chai, Brisbane, December 20, 2017)

Another new addition to the Alliance Airlines fleet, this time VH-FGB (11446) in a special livery. It commemorates the first trans-Pacific flight from Oakland (California) to Brisbane with stops at Hawaii and Fiji in 1928. The captain was Charles Kingsford Smith. Legend tells that the crew was very thirsty after the flight and celebrated their safe arrival with a couple of beers and Kingsford Smith considered it a “Fokking Good Beer”. Hence the out-of-range registration for this Fokker 100.
(Matt Varley, Norwich, December 24, 2017).

TUS Airways has bought 4 Fokker 70’s from KLM Cityhopper. The first one of the series (11536, to become 5B-DDA) is seen here in the company hangar in Cyprus in full colors still carrying its Dutch registration. (Martijn van Dam, Larnaca, December 19, 2017)

The single ex-KLM Cityhopper F70 PH-KZK (11581) that was ferried to Maastricht was seen there carrying its future Kenyan registration 5Y-JWF.
(Danny Versteegen, Maastricht, December 27, 2017)
11045 028   ZS-PWM Sky One Air. The former Dutch Government VIP Fellowship is for sale in South Africa for $ 250,000.  The aircraft is not airworthy, is incomplete and requires a C-check. Ex PK-RJW and PH-PBX.
11124 028   S2-ACV Biman Bangladesh Airlines. This aircraft was withdrawn from use in 2012 and in September 2017 the fuselage was transported to Dia Bari, in Uttara, Dhaka, not far from Dhaka international airport. The Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh uses it now as a trainer.
11257 100 UP-F1016 CS-TPA Bek Air (Halyk Air). Seen Oporto 211217, all white with new registration. Ferried 221217 from Oporto via Saarbrücken to Uralsk. Delivery to Air Panama  fell through.
11258 100 UP-F1017 CS-TPF Bek Air (Halyk Air). Seen Oporto 211217, all white with new registration. Ferried 221217 from Oporto via Saarbrücken to Uralsk. Delivery to Air Panama  fell through.
11308 100   D-AGPH Avanti Air. Noted at Liverpool and Bergamo 221117 without tail logo, fuselage titles still on.
11326 100   VH-FNN Virgin Australia Pty. Arrived in Perth 26102017 after paint into Virgin livery in Seletar; named "Cape Naturaliste".
11406 100 VH-VIF OE-IIC Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd. Arrived in Brisbane 161217 from Kupang, in full M Jet livery. Registered 191217.
11446 100 VH-FGB VH-UQG Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd. Seen 201217 at Norwich in a smart special color scheme commemorating the 90th anniversary of the first trans-Pacific flight. This airframe used to be VH-UQG and was re-registered to VH-FGB on 151217.
11458 100   VH-NHF Qantas Airways Ltd (Network Aviation). Seen 221017 in the new, revised QantasLink c/s. This is one of the last Network Fokkers getting the Qantas colors.
11499 100   OE-LVE Austrian Airways. This aircraft, carrying the special Goodbye Fokker titles, performed the last ever Fokker revenue flight in Austrian Service on 311217 from Pristina to Vienna as flight OS778. As mentioned previously, Austrian has sold the entire Fokker fleet to Alliance Airlines in Australia.
11543 070 5B- DDF PH-KZU TUS Airways. This airline has bought a total of 4 Fokker 70's from KLM Cityhopper, so their Fokker fleet will soon consist of 2 F100 and 4 F70.  This last one was delivered all white from Norwich via Corfu to Larnaca as PH-KZU, 271217.
11561 070 5B-DDB PH-KZM TUS Airways. Delivered from Norwich to Larnaca as PH-KZM, all white 101217.
11562 070 5B-DDG PH-KZB TUS Airways. Delivered from Norwich to Larnaca as PH-KZB, all white 231217.
11581 070 5Y-JWF PH-KZK Jetways Airlines Ltd. Seen 271217 at Maastricht in basic KLM livery with Kenyan registration.