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The Fokker Fleetlist will be regulary updated with news and/or pictures. Please be advised to check this section frequently!

This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other related news to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60)
and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the
Fokker Fleetlist . The airframes are printed in chronological order.
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Note: when an update has been made to the previous publication, the registration in the 4th column is changed into blue.

     Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60
Troopship 400M (10544) was delivered new to the Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) in November 1976 as T-2707. Together with 7 other Troopships, it served in 2 Transport Squadron at Jakarta-Halim. In 1980 it was re-serialled to A-2707. It experienced an accident with Troopship A-2706 (10542) in June 2012 and was withdrawn from service. In late 2017 is was transported by road to the Dirgantara Mandala Air Force museum in Yogyakarta where it is now on display, sporting its original camo livery and original serial. (Rahman Sudarman, Yogyakarta, January 20, 2018)

On the internet we found a report of the official visit of the president of the Somalian federation to the government officials of the autonomous region of Puntland, in northeastern Somalia. The president arrived with a Fokker 50 in an executive scheme, 5Y-FAI (Daljir, Garowe, January 7, 2018). The owner of this aircraft (most likely 20282) is still not identified, but it would mean that the LEASCOR F50, of which we had a picture in the previous edition, must have another MSN; 20328 is the current candidate.
10544 400M   T-2707 Indonesian Air Force (TNI AU). After arrival in the Yogyakarta museum, this Troopship got its original serial T-2707 (ex A-2707, T-2707, PK-VFF, T-2707, PH-FRS, PH-EXB (PH-EXG).
10550 500CRF 5Y-SEC 9Q-CNH Safari Express Cargo Ltd. Registered January 2018.
97 F   N366SB Idaho State University. Registration cancelled 180118 (part of FAA registry cleanup), presumably broken up in 2012.
20105 050   OO-VLJ VLM Airlines. Performed first regular flight between Antwerp and Zurich on 220118.
20145 050   OO-VLN VLM Airlines. Performed first scheduled flight from Antwerp to Munich and Maribor on 120218 as WLM133.
20244 050 5Y-IZO TF-JMS Buff Air Services (to be confirmed). Noted 020318 at Woensdrecht with Kenyan registration in full Flugfélag Íslands special livery.
20328 050 RP-C8250 5Y-??? Leading Edge Air Services Corp. (LEASCOR). Correction of MSN.

     Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

Karun Airlines is the new name of Naft Airlines since early 2018. So far, two aircraft are carrying the new company titles, EP-SUS (11487) and EP-OPI (11509).
(Erfan Kharratt, Tehran, January 14 and 24, 2018)


The landing mishap of Qeshm Airlines F100 EP-FQF (11444) fortunately did not involve injuries to passengers and crew; all could safely evacuate the aircraft.
(IRN - Islamic Republic News Agency, Mashad, February 16, 2018)

Alliance has adorned one of their F70 with a special sticker, promoting the upcoming fund-raising concert in Dirranbandi Qld, where Paul Kelly (a famous Australian rock musician) and his friends will perform. (Brodie Lawson, Brisbane, February 18, 2018).
11257 100   UP-F1016 Bek Air. Ferried 170218 from Almaty to Tehran for part-out by Qeshm Airlines.
11307 100   5Y-SIA Ocean Airlines. Noted in full colors 030318 in Mumbai, India, bringing delegates for the Somalian state visit. 
11339 100   N339JT Jetran LLC. JetMidwest started parting out this aircraft at San Marcos airport on 050218. In 2009 it was withdrawn from use by Mexicana, painted all white and was subsequently stored in Victorville, Mexico City and San Marcos. Ex N107MN, XA-TKR, PK-JGH, (PK-JGG), PH-LNG and (PH-EZU).
11359 100 VH- OE-LVJ Austrian Airlines. Last service 12-11-2017. Sold to Alliance Aviation Slovakia s.r.o. 1217.
11392 100   N897US US Airways. Registration cancelled 170118. The aircraft was flown to Norwich in 2005, reportedly for Aravco. However, it was withdrawn from use and parted out  over the years. 
11444 100   EP-FQF Qeshm Air. This F100, performing flight QB-1202 from Tehran Mehrabad to Mashad (Iran) with 104 people on board, landed 160218 in Mashad with the left main gear still retracted. The aircraft skidded off the runway. There were no injuries. Initially the airframe had minor damage; however, the next day it received considerable damage as the belt broke when a crane was lifting the left wing.
11468 100 VH-UQC OE-LVI Alliance Airlines Pty. Registered 050218.
11487 100   EP-SUS Karun Airlines. Iranian Naft Airlines adopted a new name in early 2018. This aircraft was noted 160118 with the new name at Tehran Mehrabad airport; the airline logo is no longer in the tail.
11492 100   EP-LCQ Kish Air. On 220218, flight Y9-7184 was en route from Kish Island to Kashan (Iran), when the windshield cracked. The aircraft diverted to Isfahan and made a safe landing there. Most likely a bird strike at departure caused the windshiled to crack in flight.
11499 100 VH-UQA OE-LVE Alliance Airlines Pty. Registered 050218.
11509 100   EP-OPI Karun Airlines. Iranian Naft Airlines adopted a new name in early 2018. This aircraft was noted 230118 with the new name at Tehran Mehrabad airport; the airline logo is no longer in the tail.
11539 070 OB- PH-KZP Wayraperú. Delivered 15-170218 from Norwich via Keflavik, Goose Bay, Hamilton, Nassau, Panama City, Iquitos to Lima.  PH-reg cancelled 270218.
11543 070   5B-DDF TUS Airways. Since the first week of March this F70 is operational, replacing the Saab 2000 in  the Greek domestic network. F70's also fly to Rome, while Tel Aviv is served by F100.
11572 070   VH-NKQ Alliance Airlines Pty. Seen Gladstone airport 180218 with "Paul Kelly  2 June Dirranbandi" sticker, promoting an upcoming charity concert by the famous Australian rock  singer-songwriter Paul Kelly and friends.
11581 070   5Y-JWF Jetways Airlines Ltd. Delivery to Kenya planned for 310118, but was cancelled. Aircraft still at Maastricht.
  100   HB- Helvetic Airways. Lufthansa has wet-leased two Fokker F100's from Helvetic for the summer season 2018, for the Munich-Amsterdam service. It is not yet known whether the aircraft will be painted in Lufthansa livery.


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