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The Fokker Fleetlist will be regulary updated with news and/or pictures. Please be advised to check this section frequently!

This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other related news to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60)
and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the
Fokker Fleetlist . The airframes are printed in chronological order.
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Note: when an update has been made to the previous publication, the registration in the 4th column is changed into blue.

     Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

As reported previously, two of the VLM F50 are stored for considerable time now. The pictures show OO-VLJ (20105) and all-white OO-VLO (20127), both without engines (Henk Wadman, Antwerp, May 5, 2018). Both are probably candidates for the scrap man.

VLM has applied a large sticker to OO-VLQ (20159) for celebrating 25 years of their Antwerp - London City route.
(John Mason, Birmingham, May 21, 2018 - (www.bhxspotter.com))

VLM F50 OO-VLZ (20264) was temporarily inactive, as it had a broken cockpit window (Henk Wadman, Antwerp, May 5, 2018)
10379 500   I-MLGT Miniliner. The Friendship is now on display at the small Gianlino Baschirotto airport in Montagnana near Padua, Italy. It is painted all white with "Visa international" titles on the nose.
20118 050   SE-MFA Amapola Flyg. Ferried Bergamo-Malmö 250518; reactivated for service?
20126 050F   SE-MFD Amapola Flyg. Performed first revenue service after freighter conversion Malmö-Örebro-Arlanda-Malmö 290518 in full Amapola color scheme.
20159 050   OO-VLN Vizion Air (VLM). Noted at Zurich airport 010618 with a 'van oirschot' decal next to the passengers door.
     Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

Myanma Airways Fellowship XY-ADW (11114) was severely damaged in a runway excursion at Sittwe airport on June 6, 2009. The aircraft was later patched up and now serves as the Café Flight bar of the Sky Palace hotel in NayPyiTaw, the capital of Myanmar. It used to have yellow and red colors (Saw Moses at Google maps, November 2017; courtesy of Jacques Vooren) and was recently painted in a fancy blue livery (Andy Davey, February 18, 2018)

The Defense Services Museum in NayPyiTaw, Myanmar, has two Fokker aircraft in the collection. Besides the Myanmar Air Force Fairchild F27 with serial 0001, also F28 XY-AGH (11161) in Myanma Airways colors is on exhibit. The latter is a bit surprising since as far as we know the F28 has not served in the Myanmar military (Andy Davey, NayPyiTaw, February 18, 2018)

The third F28 on public display in Myanmar is former Myanma Airways XY-AGA (11232). It is the eye catcher at the Civil Aviation Trainings Institute, located at the international airport of Yangon. Recently it was painted in a KLM-like blue color scheme and carries the logos of 11 local airlines on the fuselage.
(photographer unknown, Yangon, May 2018, via Jacques Vooren)

One of the very few Fellowships still flying is FAC 0002 (11992) that has served all its impressive 47-year career with the Colombian Air Force.
(Peter Gralla, Bogota, April 29, 2018)

For the 2018 summer season, Avanti Air has applied a special scheme of tour operator Idealtours to their F100 D-AOLG (11452), here with the magnificent backdrop of the Nordkette mountains (Andreas Stöckl, Innsbruck, May 12, 2018)
11452 100   D-AOLG Avanti Air. The aircraft was painted 100518 in full "Idealtours" color scheme for summer charters from Innsbruck to Greek, Italian and Spanish holiday destinations. The aircraft is based at Innsbruck for the 2018 summer season.
11456 100 VH-UQF OE-LVH Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd. Registered 250518.
11539 070 OB-2156-P PH-KZP Wayraperú. Registered in Peru, date still unknown.
11540 070   OB-2153-P Wayraperú. According to Flightradar24, this aircraft has been active in the last week of May, visiting Lima, Rioja, Tarapoto and Trujillo, likely in preparation of scheduled services in June 2018.
11543 070   5B-DDG TUS Airways. Correction of c/n, in accordance with the official Cyprus aircraft register.
11547 070   VH-KBX Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd. The former Dutch royal jet made it first commercial flight in Australian service from Brisbane to Gold Coast airport on 180518.
11562 070   5B-DDF TUS Airways. Correction of c/n, in accordance with the official Cyprus aircraft register.
11568 070 VH-NUZ OE-LFQ Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd. Registered 200418. Seen at Brisbane 300518 missing parts; apparently used for spares for the rest of the fleet.
11583 070 5B-  PH-KZH Airline Technical Support. Sold to TUS Airways; still stored at Woensdrecht.


Credits: CH-Aviation, Scramble, Skyliner, Jacques Vooren