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The Fokker Fleetlist will be regulary updated with news and/or pictures. Please be advised to check this section frequently!

This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other related news to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60) and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the Fokker Fleetlist . The airframes are printed in chronological order.
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    General News
KLM and CityJet are in the process of setting up a new airline Air Antwerp, that is planned to operate at least one F50 from Antwerp to three destinations, amongst which London City. The new airline should be operational in autumn 2019.

Air Niugini has resumed their F100 flights to Tokua airport at Rabaul now the runway works have been completed.

Alliance Airlines will open a base in Rockhampton, on the Queensland Coast, for expanding operations. The airline also plans to base two additional F70 and one F100 at Darwin airport in response to growing demand.

An hitherto unconfirmed report mentioned that the Royal Australian Air Force had acquired 2 F70 aircraft from Alliance Airlines; no further details are known.

Amapola Flyg has expressed their intention to continue flying the F50 for 10 more years. There are no plans to further expand the fleet; they rather hope to sell five aircraft in Africa. Currently there are some 20 F50's in Amapola service, both for freight (mail) and passenger transport.

After almost 16 years Helvetic Airways has concluded F100 operations. The airline now has an all-Embraer fleet.

For the 2019 summer season TUS Airways has added 3 routes from Tel Aviv to Rhodes, Samos and Skiathos, each twice a week on F100.
     Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

Friendship PH-FCX (10183) recently got a new coat of paint and looks brilliant again. It started its career in 1961 as TC-TEK with THY Turkish Airlines. In 1974
Fokker bought it back and converted it into a maritime patrol demonstrator. After its last flight in June 1983 it was donated to the Dutch Fokker Friendship
Association and was on display for some years at the Aviodome museum at Schiphol airport. Then it became part of a private collection until 2016 when it was
trucked to Hoogerheide (close to Woensdrecht air base), where it opened as a luxury Bed & Breakfast in 2017. For more pictures and reservations see
(the owners, Hoogerheide, May 18, 2019)

Although F50 freighter SE-MFD (20126) is flying some months now in Amapola Flyg livery, we have not shown it before in our site.
(Krister Karlsmoen, Stockholm-Arlanda June 9, 2019)

Blue Bird Aviation of Sudan operates one F50 since 2013, but we have never published a picture of it. It is a former Mid Airlines airframe that kept its registration
ST-ARH (20131) (bluebirdsudan website,Karthoum, unknown date). It is unknown whether there exists a relationship between Blue Bird Aviation in Kenya and Sudan, both are F50 operators.

ST-DNP is the second F50 that became known to operate with Sudanese El Dinder Aviation; its c/n is still unknown. The aircraft made the inaugural flight to
Damazin; not the best picture but is shows that the aircraft is all white with the company logo on the forward fuselage.
(Ammar Abdelrahim on facebook, unknown location, June 2018)

35 27F   N432NA Private owner. Cancelled from the US register 02-03-2019. This F27 used to be an instructional airframe for the Southeastern Oklahoma State University at Eaker Field airport, Durant, OK. Google maps suggests that it is no longer there: broken up or stored elsewhere?
10154 300M   5Y-BTD Imaatong South Sudan Airlines; last known owner reportedly Profile Investments. Derelict since 2007. The Kenya Airports Authority announced that this F27 and other derelict aircraft at Nairobi-Wilson will be sold in public auction if not removed by 300619.
10530 500CRF   5X-FFD Fly540 Uganda Ltd. Stored at Nairobi-Wilson since at least 2012. The Kenya Airports Authority announced that this F27 and other derelict aircraft at Nairobi-Wilson will be sold in public auction if not removed by 300619.
20105 050   SE-MFP Amapola Flyg. The operations for Braathens Regional seem to have ended, as the aircraft was noted since February 2019 in an all white c/s.
20107 050   RP-C9993 Leading Edge Air Services. Made test flight at Seletar 170519 prior to delivery to Philippines, still in basic Skywest livery. Apparently the intended parting-out will be done in the Philippines.
20112 050   5Y-SMS Maandeeq Air. Noted in Mogadishu 240319 in full blue livery. This is the third F50 known flying with this Somalian airline. 
20146 050   SE-LIO Amapola Flyg. Also this F50 was seen all white 210419 at Stockholm-Arlanda, after previous sightings in full BRA colors.
20179 050   HP-1606PST Air Panama has painted a second F50 in the new livery; it was seen as such 010319 at San Jose, Costa Rica.
20247 050   ST-ASI Tarco Air? A small picture on internet, taken July 2018 at Khartoum, claims this registration for a F50 in Tarco Air colors. Confirmation is necessary.
     Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

The last Fellowship actively serving with the Argentine Air Force (TC-53, 11020) recently received a special red tail, sporting the coat of arms of II Escuadrón of the
1st Brigada (insert). The aircraft is planned to perform its farewell flight on August 29th. (Fernando Ariel Torre, El Palomar air base, May 1, 2019)

The Best Western Plus Navigator Inn & Suites hotel in Everett, WA, USA offers a quite unique entry to their guests: the wing and part of the cabin of a former Horizon
Fellowship. Most likely these parts are from N498US (11181), but the identity needs confirmation.
(unknown photographer and date, hotel website:

One F100 of Bek Air (UP-F1014, 11322) was recently painted in a modified livery, mainly white. (Vyacheslav Firsow; Almaty, April 23, 2019)

Karun Airlines has applied their new name now to all four F100 in the fleet. EP-AWZ (11497) was the last to carry the previous name Naft Airlines. Note the revised,
thicker font used for the company name (Saeed.H. Tehran-Mehrabad, April 21, 2019)

The second F70 for Jetair Caribbean arrived at Eindhoven airport after a long trip with many stops for having the cabin refitted, before it will continue to its future
home island Curaçao. Surprisingly it had a new, intermediate registration (2-JACC, 11585), being the first F70 on the Guernsey register.
(Hans Hoffmann, Eindhoven, May 2, 2019)

11020 1000C   TC-53 Argentina Air Force. Rolled out of the II Brigada hangar at El Palomar 250419 with a red tail, marking the farewell of this last flying F28. The air force will retire the type next August, after almost 49 years of service.
11048 1000C   T-50 Argentina Air Force. Noted at El Palomar air base 010519, stored in a hangar, looking intact.
11074 1000C   TC-52 Argentina Air Force. Seen at El Palomar air base 010519, stored in a hangar, looking intact.
11317 100 UP-F1018 HP-1900PST Bek Air. Delivered 17-190519 from Panama City via Manaus, Natal, Boa Vista, Algiers and Ankara to Almaty, in basic Air Panama livery.
11322 100   UP-F1014 Bek Air. Seen at Almaty airport 230419 in a modified, predominantly white livery.
11340 100   YR-FKA Carpatair. On 060619 on board this aircraft, carrying out flight V32930 from Luxembourg to Vilnius and flying about 70 km northeast of Frankfurt, a burning odour was noticed in the cabin and in the forward cabin smoke came out of the floor in the forward cabin. The crew descended and soon the smoke and odor disappeared. The captain decided to continue to Vilnius and made a safe landing. There the crew identified a problem with one of the air conditioning systems.
11356 100   N1405J American Airlines. After being withdrawn from use, the airframe was stored in the desert in 2004 and  finally parted out in 2013. The front cockpit section is in use as a bus stop shelter in Roswell, NM, USA. For pictures see https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8712559 and https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8434634.
11369 100   YR-FKB Carpatair. After some 5 years of flying in a modified scheme, it is now in the standard Carpatair livery again. Wet-leased to Montenegro Airlines until late June 2019, but as far as known no special markings visible. First flew Tivat - Paris Charles de Gaulle 240519 as MGX2240. 
11395 100   YR-FZA Carpatair. Adria Airways has leased this F100 for covering maintenance in their own fleet; the first flight was 280419 from Ljubljana to Vienna as JP136. 
11444 100   EP-FQF Qeshm Air. Pictured on 260419 at Tabriz, in flight. Thus it was repaired after the mishap landing in February 2018.
11466 100   HB-JVF Helvetic Airways. Withdrawn from use and ferried from Zürich to Bratislava 140619 as OAW9552 for storage.
11478 100   HB-JVG Helvetic Airways. Made Helvetic F100 farewell flight from Zürich 140619 as OAW100 and was subsequently ferried from Zürich to Bratislava 140619 as OAW9552 for storage. 
11497 100   EP-AWZ Karun Airlines. On 210419 this F100 was seen at Tehran-Mehrabad with Karun titles, in a new font, different from that on the other Fokkers.
11520 100 VH-UQG OE-LVG Alliance Airlines Pry Ltd. Registered 170519; note that this is the second F100 carrying this registration, the other is now VH-FGB (11446). The aircraft is still in Bratislava.
11560 070 VH-NUY OE-LFP Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd. Registered 200519. The aircraft is still in Bratislava.
11585 070 2-JACC PK-TNR Ex Transnusa. Ferry registration, destined for Jetair Caribbean. Ferried Surabaya-Seletar-Penang-Chittagong-Ahmedabad-Muscat-Hurghada-Izmir-Belgrade-Eindhoven 2904 to 020519 as SXI1925 for cabin conversion.
11583 070   5B-DDI TUS Airways. Pictured at Larnaca 290519 with engines covered, like being stored. 5B-DDB (11561) was parked next to it. It looks as if TUS at the moment  only has 3 active Fokkers.


Credits: All photographers, Air Britain News,  Airlineroute, Aviation Herald, Aviator.aero, CH-Aviation, Fred Crampton,
Hans Groen, FlightAware, Jan Homma, Scramble, Skyliner, Jacques Vooren.