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The Fokker Fleetlist will be regulary updated with news and/or pictures. Please be advised to check this section frequently!

This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other related news to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60) and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the Fokker Fleetlist . The airframes are printed in chronological order.
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    General News
Avanti Air is looking to replace its current F100 fleet (3 units) with new 100-seaters by 2022. As also Trade Air, Montenegro Airlines, Carpatair and TUS Airways are disposing off their F100’s in the next two years, there will be no more Fokkers in commercial service in Europe by 2022.

TUS Airways plans to switch to a charter-only airline on 311019 and rebrand as ELA Airways for the summer 2020 season, with larger and newer aircraft. In October three Fokkers have been put up for sale. The airline will also announce new destinations by the end of 2019.

Air Antwerp has joined the European Regions Airline Association.

Panama's Civil Aviation Authority grounded the Air Panama F50 fleet 051019 for “certain investigations of a regulatory nature". After inspection of the engine maintenance program one F50 has been cleared to resume operations 081019. The reason for the grounding has not been disclosed, but might be related with the incident of HP-1606PST on 060919.
     Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60
Ghana Air Force F27-400M Troopship G521/B (10507) is no longer flying but is still in service as a ground trainer for the Army Parachute Regiment.
(Frank Mink, Tamale Air Force Base, June 27, 2018)

Also the Air Force of Senegal uses one of their Troopships as a paratrooper trainer at Ouakam Air Base (visible at Google earth at 14.735207, -17.489235). Remarkably 6W-STB (10565) now has a camouflage livery, whereas as far as we know all Senegalese Troopships were painted in a white and grey livery with a green cheatline. (Airdiass Cissé via Le Nouveau, Dakar-Yoff, September 2019)

After serving some 34 years with the Golden Knights, the United States Army Parachute Team
Troopship 58-1607 (10652) has found its final resting place as part of the huge collection of the well-known Pima Air Museum at Davis Monthan Air Force base (Ton Smilde, Pima Air Museum, August 20, 2019)

On 111019 Silverstone Air Service F50 5Y-IZO (20244) experienced a rejected take off, presumably due to engine failure at Wilson Airport in Nairobi. The aircraft had a runway excursion and skidded some 250 m before striking the perimeter fence and coming to a halt in rough terrain. Thankfully
there were only nine light injuries among the 50 passengers and 5 crew, but the aircraft is probably a write-off (Oliver Okina on Twitter, Nairobi-Wilson, October 11, 2019). See our July issue (Fokkernews 20) for a picture of the aircraft in action: Fokker News 020

10668 400M   85-1608 United States Army. This Troopship was recently withdrawn from active service with the Golden Knights Parachute Team, where it was in use ever since 1985 as C-31A with the name 'Excalibur". It is now offered for sale at an auction that ends October 24. The airframe is parked at Pope Army Field, North Carolina, in flyable condition and it comes with many spare parts, tools and ground support equipment. It has flown 17,114.3 hours in 17,831 cycles.
     Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

A Fellowship of the Argentinian Air Force, T-50 (11048), that was withdrawn from use and was parked empty on the apron, was lifted by strong gusting winds and came to a rest sitting on its tail (unknown photographer at Información – Portal de noticias; El Palomar, October 11, 2019)

The Time Air Historical Society (TAHS) is a group of aviation enthusiasts who used to work for or otherwise have close ties with Time Air, the former Canadian regional carrier. Recently TAHS has bought Canadian Regional F28 C-FTAV (11106) on the condition of successful fundraising for the purchase and transport. The airframe is stored at Saskatoon airport since 2002 and is still in a reasonable condition. TAHS plans to dismantle it and transport it to the TAHS home base at Lethbridge, Alberta, a road trip of some 650 km. There it will be reassembled and brought back into the famous ‘Silver Bullet’ bare metal livery that it had when Time Air acquired the airframe in 1991 from USAir. (Arnold Begeman, Saskatoon, April 22, 2019). A video covering the F28 acquisition is available at

After Portugalia Airlines withdrew their F100 from service in late 2016, CS-TPE (11342) was initially stored at Oporto and later transferred to Saarbrücken for scrapping. For administrative reasons the airframe was reregistered as PH-LNJ first. The picture shows that the parting-out process is now well advanced.
(Matthias Becker, Saarbrücken, September 26, 2019)

KAF308 (11557), the VIP F70 of the Republic of Kenya was flown to Woensdrecht for heavy maintenance, reportedly for the last time in its career with the Kenyan Government (Joey van Gastel, Woensdrecht, October 14, 2019)
11207 4000   P2-ANR Air Niugini. Noted at Kuala Lumpur 171019, all white and looking intact, but in a poor condition.
11365 100   VH-FKF Alliance Airlines. Made an air test at Norwich 141019 after maintenance and returned home to Perth via Sofia, Hurghada, Al Ain, Nagpur, Penang and Surabaya 16-19102019 as SXI1916.
11418 100   N943JM Jet Midwest Group LLC. Cancelled from the US register 051019. The aircraft was last seen in 2016 at Kansas City in Avianca livery. As far as we know the N-registration was never on the aircraft.
11427 100   5B-DDE TUS Airways. Offered for sale.
11435 100   N945JM Jet Midwest Group LLC. Cancelled from the US register 051019. The aircraft was last seen in 2016 at Kansas City in Avianca livery. To the best of our knowledge, the aircraft never carried the N-registration.
11436 100   N946JM Jet Midwest Group LLC. Cancelled from the US register 051019. Like the preceding two, this aircraft was last seen in 2016 in Avianca livery at Kansas City and the N-registration was never on the aircraft. With these three F100's cancelled, there is only a single F100, N339JM (11339), left on the US Civil Register; this one is being parted out at San Antonio. 
11459 100 VH- HB-JVE Alliance Airlines. Delivery flight from Bratislava via Hughada, Muscat, Nagpur, Penang, Surabaya, Darwin to Brisbane 10-141019 as SXI1949.
11466 100 VH-VKO HB-JVF Alliance Airlines. Registered 240919.
11501 100 VH-VKQ HB-JVC Alliance Airlines. Made a local test flight at Bratislava 250919 as SXI1948. Delivery  flight from Bratislava via Hughada, Muscat, Nagpur, Penang, Surabaya, Darwin, Townsville to Brisbane 270919-011019 as SXI1948. Officially registered 081019 and first noted at Brisbane 101019 with VH-registration. 
11536 070   5B-DDA TUS Airways. Offered for sale.
11561 070   5B-DDB TUS Airways. Offered for sale.
11569 070   VH-QQW Alliance Airlines. Delivery in the special 100 years colors from Norwich via Sofia, Hurgada, Al Ain, Nagpur, Kuala Lumpur, Surabaya to Perth 23-260919 as SXI1915. First commercial service 071019 from Perth to Tropicana and back as QQ2626/27.


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