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Edition: 33
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The Fokker Fleetlist will be regulary updated with news and/or pictures. Please be advised to check this section frequently!

This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other related news to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60) and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the Fokker Fleetlist . The airframes are printed in chronological order.
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    General News
Alliance Airlines is launching regular scheduled service on Brisbane – Moranbah route from mid-August 2020, now available for reservation. From 17 August 2020, Fokker 70 aircraft will operate this routing 7 times weekly (weekdays only).

Niger Airlines wants to acquire a new F50 plane for the transport of people and goods, pending government approval. The carrier also plans to expand its flights in the West African sub-region. The airline has been or is still using one F50 on lease from Palestinian Airlines.

Palestinian Airlines has decided to sell their F50 fleet, consisting of two airframes and will stay in business.

World's largest Fokker operator Alliance Airlines (42 aircraft) has announced the purchase of 14 Embraer 190 regional jets, formerly used by COPA Airlines. Deliveries start in September 2020 and the Fokkers will remain the core of the fleet for many years to come.

On 280720 TUS Airways advised that operations remain temporarily suspended, due to the pandemic.

The new owner of Virgin Australia wants to rigorously standardize the fleet to Boeing 737-800, meaning that 43 aircraft, including all 14 F100s, need to leave the fleet.

Air Antwerp expects to resume the flights to London City on 130920 with their single F50, albeit with reduced frequency.

     Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

On Batam island, in the Indonesian Riau archipelago, a Friendship was recently seen, mounted on poles without any titles and missing engines and other parts. It is 4R-EXH (10642) that operated until 2013 with Fits Air of Sri Lanka. (hendrimtc at Instagram, Batam, August 2020)

After its landing incident on November 2, 2002, when it overran the runway at Sligo airport and dropped into the sea, the hull of Euroceltic Airways F27 G-ECAT (10672) is in use as a training object for the local fire brigade. (6_aviation at Instagram, Sligo, July 2020)

Mexican operator MAYAir had one of their Fokkers painted in a new color scheme with a similar tail logo as their Dornier 228 fleet. It is not clear yet which of the three F50s received the new livery: XA-UZN (20106), XA-UVU (20194) or XA-UZG (20212). (MAYAir at Facebook, Cozumel, February 2020)

Riau Airlines ceased operations in April 2011 and was declared bankrupt in July 2012. Three of their five F50s were abandoned at Halim airport in Jakarta.
Later, PK-RAH (20142) was donated to the  Indonesian Aviation Scouting Group 'Pusdirga' and is now at the Wiladatika airport in Cibubur, south of Jakarta, adorned with a bird head and Pusdirga titles. (d_aviation at Instagram, via Jacques Vooren, Wiladatika, August 2020)

Kenyan airline Fanjet Express has apparently leased one of their F50s to Ocean Airlines, the flying nomads of Somalia, as 5Y-FJE (20200) shows their titles and logo. (nairobiplanespotter at Instagram, via Jacques Vooren, Nairobi, August 2020)

10154 300M   5Y-BTD Imaatong South Sudan Airlines. The Kenyan Government has summoned the owners of parked or abandoned aircraft to pay their debts for before September 13, 2020. Otherwise the assets will be sold by public auction. In the official publication the current owner is curiously enough mentioned as United, while in 2019 Profile Investments was supposed to be the owner. Then, the F27 wreck did not receive bids. Parked at Nairobi-Wilson airport.
10530 500CRF   5X-FFD Wilkins, ex Fly540 Uganda Ltd. Also this F27, parked at Nairobi-Wilson airport, is on the official "disposal of uncollected junk aircraft" list (see above). It did not receive bids last year in a similar auction.
10531 500CRF   5X-FFN Wilkins, ex Fly540 Uganda Ltd. Another entry on the "disposal of uncollected junk aircraft 2020" list (see above). Stored at Nairobi-Wilson airport since 2012.
10663 200ME   1202 Royal Thai Navy. Made nosegear-up landing 110820 at Narathiwat, Thailand, with 14 crew on board. The aircraft got minor damage, no injuries were reported. For a video see https://youtu.be/syigW1QjwTo.
20103 050E 5Y-DDI SE-LJV Silverstone Air Services. Airframe now identified. Delivered from Malmö via Heraklion and Khartoum to Nairobi-Wilson 26-280820, painted all white.
20111 050   5Y-MIS Silverstone Air Services. Another Fokker on the "disposal of uncollected junk aircraft 2020" list (see above). Stored at Nairobi-Wilson airport since early 2019. The ownership comes from the official list in The Kenya Gazette; we were not aware that Silverstone had acquired this F50.
20167 050   5Y-SIB Skyward Express. Also on the "disposal of uncollected junk aircraft 2020" list (see above). Stored at Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta airport since at least August 2016.
20192 050   5Y-SMZ Skyward Express. Also on the "disposal of uncollected junk aircraft 2020" list (see above). Stored at Nairobi-Wilson airport since at least March 2019.
20207 050   5Y-GIG Bush Air Safaris. After more than three years this aircraft has finally been identified. The airline ceased operating mid 2019 and the aircraft is stored at Nairobi-Wlson since. It is also on the "disposal of uncollected junk aircraft" list published by the Kenyan Government (see above). 
20260 050   5Y-JRN Rudufu. The last Fokker on the "disposal of uncollected junk aircraft" list in Kenya Gazette
08-2020 (see above). This list gives Rudufu as the owner, whereas according to our data it belongs to Skyward Express. In any case, the aircraft is stored at Nairobi-Wilson since March 2019 or earlier, in all white livery.
20??? 050   PR-PTP According to Air-Britain News this registration was reserved for an F50 0119 by a Mr. Da Silva; the number 32323232 was mentioned as a reference. We have been unable to find more information.
070 27J   LV-AZV CATA. Correction of c/n in legend to the figure in Fokkernews 32.
     Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

In the scrap corner at Saskatoon airport nine ex-Canadian Regional Fellowships are sitting and awaiting their fate. On this nice sunset picture the following are identifiable, from left to right: C-GLCR (11105), C-FQCR (11036), C-FCRI (11043), C-FZCR (11054) and C-GKCR (11101). C-FCRB (11107) was also present at a nearby location. (Taron Schouten, Saskatoon, August 16, 2020)

In our previous edition we suggested that SkyAviation might not have taken up the registration PK-ECI for their F100 11328. Yet, it had been applied to the aircraft. (fotografersha, via Jacques Vooren, Jakarta-Halim, September 2012)

The Albeda College for Aviation Services at Rotterdam The Hague Airport is constructing a new building. In the interior an obvious imitation F100 fuselage is built up for cabin staff training purposes. As we have no idea which airframe forms the basis for this object, we welcome your suggestions.
(Henk Wadman, Rotterdam, August 7, 2020)

11093 4000   5Y-JLA Jetlink Express. The Kenyan Government has summoned the owners to pay their debts for parked or abandoned aircraft before September 13, 2020. Otherwise the assets will be sold by public auction. This Fellowship is stored at Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta airport since the airline went bankrupt in 2012.  
11320 100   HP-1896PST Air Panama. Parted out at MPMG 08-2020, fuselage to be used as the Captain Flags Restaurant at Panama City.
11400 100 F-Z * * * HP-1895PST Air Panama. Ferried from Panama City via Nassau, Halifax and Keflavik to Dinard 300720-010820 as SXI2015, without titles. It is bought by the French Armed Forces Procurement Agency for their Flight Test Center and will operate there along with 11290 (F-ZAFT).
11415 100   PR-OAF Avianca. Further to the picture in Fokkernews 32, the remainders of the aircraft were sold to the PanAm Experience Group Brazil, a club of PanAm enthousiasts. They were recently trucked from Brasilia airport to Igreja Batista Central de Brasília, the church of pastor Ricardo Espindola, who has plans to turn it into a restaurant. Painting work has started for giving the Fokker a full PanAm livery. As you may remember, PanAm ordered 24 F100, but cancelled the entire order in 1989 before the first one was delivered.
11536 070   5B-DDA TUS Airways. To be transferred early September 2020 from Groningen, where it was stored since 160420, to Woensdrecht for continued storage.
11557 070ER   KAF308 Kenya Government. After months of heavy maintenance by Fokker Services it made a testflight 240720 at Woensdrecht. Delivery 310720 from Woensdrecht via Cairo to Nairobi as KENYA01.


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