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Edition: 36
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The Fokker Fleetlist will be regulary updated with news and/or pictures. Please be advised to check this section frequently!

This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other related news to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60) and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the Fokker Fleetlist . The airframes are printed in chronological order.
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    General News
Alliance Airlines has reported a profit after tax of US$ 19.4 in fiscal year 2020 at a total revenue of US$ 214.9. Both are improvements over the 2019 numbers, by 18.9% and 7.8%, respectively. A remarkable result now the aviation industry is heavily hit by the pandemic and nearly all airlines are reporting losses.

Due to low demand, Air Antwerp has suspended their F50 service from Antwerp to London-City until 2 January 2021.

The Australian Civil Aviation Authorities have granted permission to Virgin Australia and Alliance Airlines for cooperating on 41 regional routes and two short-haul international routes. Together these airlines operate some 50 Fokker jets.

Congolese CAA (Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation) plans to soon dispose of their Fokker fleet. According to our data they have still two F50s in airworthy condition.

In Sweden, Skåneflyg is a new airline preparing for operations between Kristianstad-Österlen and Stockholm, starting in summer 2021. Although the company website shows a SAAB 340, a leased Fokker 50 is also mentioned as the possible aircraft of choice for the airline.

     Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

After months of maintenance and a C-check at Carrollton, VNCE (Stichting Vliegend Nederlands Culureel Erfgoed or Flying Dutch Cultural Heritage Foundation) proudly obtained the unrestricted Standard Airworthiness Certificate issued by the United States FAA on 28 October 2020. Three days later an experienced crew flew Troopship N27FF (11668) to its new Dutch home base at Lelystad. The transatlantic delivery flight took three days and had stops at Montreal, Goose Bay and Keflavik. Due to a technical problem, the F27 had to return to Goose Bay, where the engineers rapidly solved the issue. The aircraft is still in the full livery of the US Army Golden Knights Parachute team, carrying the name ‘Excalibur’. Expectations are that it will get another livery shortly. VNCE plans to offer leisure flights over the Netherlands from next summer. (Henk Wadman; Lelystad, 3 November 2020)

For more than one year this F50 is lingering at the maintenance facility of Sturup airport. The owner is still uncertain, but might be Jetways Airlines, like the registration seems to suggest. Also the identity of the airframe is not sure, although we believe it is c/n 20124, ex SE-KTC of Amapola Flyg, which was cancelled from the Swedish register on 20 September 2019. (Andre Alders; Malmö, 16 September 2020)

Peruvian ATSA Airlines has applied a revised livery to one of their F50s, OB-1770P (20280), and the aircraft now also carries a name: Don Reynaldo. (Diego Jara Ibarra; Lima, 4 November 2020)

10121 100   OO-SVM Flanders Airlines. The Belgian registration was eventually cancelled 170720, although the aircraft had already been reregistered to F-WKPX on 250393 and was scrapped at Rotterdam in October 1993.
10300 100   FF-2 Finnish Air Force. Seen August 2020 at Porin Tekniikkaopisto technical school, Pori, Finland.
10662 400M   FF-3 Finnish Air Force. Seen August 2020 at Porin Tekniikkaopisto technical school, Pori, Finland.
20109 050   OO-VLS Air Antwerp. On 061120 the aicraft was noted with the name 'Frank' applied on the nose.
20129 050 D6- VH-FND JMC Investments Pty Ltd. Cancelled 101120 as 'exported to Comoros'. Finally this F50 was succesfully sold, after four years of storage at Zanzibar in the full Skywest livery. We are curious to learn the new operator in Comoros.
20208 050   5Y-JWZ Jetways Airlines. Seen in service Nairobi-Wilson to Mombasa 111120. Still all white.
20216 050F   SE-LFS Amapola Flyg. Seen 301020 at Birmingham, coming from Ostrava and departing back to Malmö. It is highly unusual that the Amapola Fokkers fly outside the Nordic countries.
     Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

Next to ex-Alpi Eagles F100 I-ALPX, which we showed in the previous Fokkernews, sistership I-ALPZ (11252) is also stored at Dinard in deplorable condition. (www.airline.pics; Dinard, 28 August 2020)

In the past summer F100 OE-IMX (11359) joined the collection of the Slávnica aircraft museum at Dubnica airport in Slovakia. Major parts like wings and engine cowlings need still to be attached. The aircraft is former Austrian Airlines OE-LVJ and was bought in 2017 by Alliance Airlines, where it became
VH-UQP. It never flew for Alliance and stayed in Bratislava until it was transported to the museum (see Fokkernews #31).
(Mark Curran; Dubnica, 9 August 2020)

11153 3000   1250 Philippine Air Force. The active career of the presidential Fellowhip will soon end, now the Air Force has received their new Gulfstream G280 VIP transport and command and control aircraft.
11303 100   VH-FZH Virgin Australia Regional Airlines. Stored at Perth from 070420 to 161020, taped up. Reactivated 161020, replacing one of the airline's A320 that was under maintenance. It made its last scheduled flight from Geraldton to Perth 051120 as VOZ9248. On 111120 it departed Perth heading to Seletar, where Fokker Services will part it out. 
11305 100   VH-FZO Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Pty. Cancelled 121120, 'no longer to be used as an aircraft'; scrapped at Avalon.
11326 100   VH-FNN Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Pty. Cancelled 121120, 'no longer to be used as an aircraft'. After all useable parts were removed, it was broken op 191120 at Seletar.
11359 100   OE-IMX Alliance Airlines Slovakia. Registration cancelled 0720; see picture in this edition for final fate.
11554 070   VH-NUV Alliance Airlines. Seen at Norwich 241020 in the scrapping area, missing parts. Registration cancelled 191120 as 'no longer to be used as an aircraft'. 
11560 070   VH-NUY Alliance Airlines. The very last of the ex-Austrian Airlines Fokkers that were at Bratislava was delivered to Australia. It departed Bratislava 051120 as SXI2014 and arrived at BNE 101120, with stops at Hurgada, Muscat, Nagpur, Penang and Kupang. On 231120 it made it first revenue service, flying from Brisbane to Emerald as QQ4580.


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