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Edition: 43

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The Fokker Fleetlist will be regulary updated with news and/or pictures. Please be advised to check this section frequently!

This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other related news to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60) and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the Fokker Fleetlist . The airframes are printed in chronological order.
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    General News

As mentioned below, Alliance Airlines is in the process of phasing out the F50 fleet. Currently two are still active, three others are already withdrawn from use. Supposedly the F70/F100 will take over the F50 duties.

On 11 June 2021 Air Antwerp ceased operations due to the corona pandemic. Their single F50 had already been returned to the lessor in Sweden.

In June TUS Airways has been relaunched in Cyprus after a pause of some two years. The new business model, supported by Israeli investors, is built on the Airbus 320 to begin with, to be later supplemented with wide-body aircraft. In the new fleet plans there is no space for the Fokker F70 and F100 that were used in the past.

     Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

In May 2007 a heavy storm damaged MNG Kargo Friendship TC-MBE (10639) while parked at Coventry airport, from where it flew nightly parcel flights to Bristol. In 2008 it was broken up and the hull and wings were trucked to the premises of the Outdoor Adventure Company in Old Hutton near Kendal, Cumbria, UK. The airframe was not rebuilt, but the parts taken into use as a paintball facility. It is still there, just visible on Google Earth in the shadow at coordinates 54.2752, -2.6847.
(Martin Chell, Old Hutton, 13 June 2021)

Amapola Flyg steadily continues to apply their new livery on the F50 fleet. Now also SE-MFZ (20159) carries the new colors.
(Anders Nilsson; Stockholm-Arlanda, 10 June 2021)

Further to the picture of Alliance Airlines VH-FKV in the previous edition, we now can show sister ship VH-FKO (20160) with ‘socks’ on, for preventing rodents eating the tires during storage. (Daniel Kotronis on Flickr, Adelaide, 5 April 2021)

Kenyan Freedom Airline Express is in the process of applying a new corporate livery to their aircraft. Also an F50 was seen receiving the new outfit, but its identity is still unknown. (Piklink Creations on Facebook, Nairobi, December 2020)

20105 050   SE-MFP Amapola Flyg. Flew from Malmö to Lelystad for painting, likely into the new corporate scheme 23 June 2021.
20159 050   SE-MFZ Amapola Flyg. Noted at Helsinki 9 May 2021 in new livery.
20160 050   VH-FKO Alliance Airlines. Made last flight from Olympic Dam to Adelaide 17 March 2021 as QQ3263. Withdrawn from use and stored at Adelaide.
20303 050   VH-FKV Alliance Airlines. Made last flight from Olympic Dam to Adelaide 16 April 2021 as QQ3249. Withdrawn from use and stored at Adelaide since. 
20279 050   PK-ECF Sky Aviation. This F50 used to stand in front of the fire station at Pekanbaru airport and was recently moved to another position, now resting on a concrete trestlework. 
     Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

The Directorate General of Armaments, the procurement agency of the French military, bought ex Air Panama F100 HP-1495 PST (11400). It is currently undergoing structural and cabin modifications for the DGA Flight Test Center at Cazaux air base. It will be used along their other F100 (F-ZAFT, 11290). When the aircraft arrived in France, it was in Air Panama colors devoid of titles. (Martin Le Penven, Dinard, 1 August 2020)

Tyrolean travel agency Idealtours has contracted Trade Air F100 9A-BTE (11416) for the summer season. The aircraft is adorned with large 'Idealtours' titles on both sides. (Andy on Flickr, Innsbruck, 12 June 2021)

Fokker 100 c/n 11493 has an impressive record of operators that failed to start. Among these are Transylvania, Ghadames Air, Skycity Airlines, Fly 365 Aviation, ALK Airlines, Green Airlines and finally Air Hollandia. Its last registration PH-ABW was cancelled in July 2018 and it was removed from the aircraft in June 2020, but the Air Hollandia titles are still on. (Hans Hoffmann, Maastricht, 10 June 2021)

Jetair Caribbean F70 PJ-JAB (11585), the last built Fokker jet, arrived at Woensdrecht for a D-check by Fokker Services. It flew all the way from Curaçao in three days as JRC006 with stops in Freeport (Bahamas), Halifax, Keflavik and Prestwick. (Hans Hoffmann, Woensdrecht, 26 May 2021)

11427 100   5B-DDE TUS Airways. Reportedly sold and planned to depart its storage position at Groningen-Eelde soon. The aircraft still carries the registration 2-BDDE, which never became official.
11459 100   VH-VKN Alliance Airlines. Cancelled from the Australian register 7 June 2021. Alliance acquired this F100 in 2019 from Helvetic Airlines as a spares source. It only made two flights: to and from the desert storage in Alice Springs. Eventually it was scrapped in Brisbane.
11486 100   PK-PFZ Pelita Air. Registration cancelled as withdrawn from use 16 January 2020. As we showed in Airnews #31, the aircraft is in the J&J Aerospace Tourism park with the fake registration PK-J&J.
11505 100   D-AOLH Avanti Air. D-registration cancelled 14 April 2021 after ferry to Singapore-Seletar. See also Airnieuws #41


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