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Edition: 45

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The Fokker Fleetlist will be regulary updated with news and/or pictures. Please be advised to check this section frequently!

This page contains recent owner & operator changes and other related news to the individual airframes of Fokker F27 (including Fokker 50 & Fokker 60) and Fokker F28 (including Fokker 70 & Fokker 100). Also the Fairchild models F-27 and FH-227 are part of the Fokker Fleetlist . The airframes are printed in chronological order.
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    General News

Tanzanian W-Cargo Airlines has postponed its launch plans to autumn 2021. Also, the F27 is no longer within the scope due to traffic rights. Focus is now on flying to Kenya and Comoros with a F50.

Iranian airline Mahan Air reportedly acquired an unspecified number of Fokker 50s, the source of the aircraft is undisclosed.

Sahan Airways, a supposedly new airline based in Mogadishu, Somalia, has a prominent picture of a Fokker 50 on their website. We wonder whether this is reality, a plan and or just wishful thinking. No further information could be found on this airline.

The US Department of Transportation has  granted Fly All Ways a Foreign Air Carrier Permit and Exemption Authority for passenger and any other charters from Surinam to the United States for a period of two years.

     Fokker F27, Fokker 50 & Fokker 60

Work is still in progress on the former WDL Aviation Friendship D-AELM (10450) on display near Motorworld at Butzweilerhof in Cologne. It is now painted all-silver and is expected to get additional colors soon. (Werner Pickartz via Chris Witt, Cologne, 2 July 2021)

Friendship TU-TIH (10579) was taken in use in 1979 as the VIP transport for the first president of Ivory Coast and the aircraft was operated jointly by the Air Force and Air Ivoire. After being withdrawn from use it was erected as a monument in 2002, standing on poles and serving as the children’s library 'L'oiseau livres' (The books bird) near the Culture Palace in Abidjan, in a small park at the lagune. (GuillaumeG on Wikipedia, Abidjan, 17 June 2018). In the night from 9 to 10 May 2021 it was completely destroyed by fire, presumably as a result of arson. (Netafrique, Abidjan 10 May 2021)

After the picture of Mongolian Airways F50 (20280) with its Peruvian registration, we can now show it as JU-1050. (Johnny Batbold on Facebook, Ulaanbaatar, 30 July 2021)

Although not the most optimal picture, it clearly shows that the Freedom Airline F50 that recently received the new house style on its 5Y-FAI (20282). (Abdikadir Abdimalik Ilweyn on Facebook, Galkayo, Somalia, 11 July 2021)

10378 500   5Y-GMD Aerospace Consortium International. The lease of this Friendship freighter to the United Nations has recently ended after about three years of operations on behalf of the World Food Program.
10427 500   EC-GYM Boreal Aviación S.L. Cancelled from the Spanish register July 2021, as part of the 'dead wood cleanup' by the Spanish CAA. The aircraft was already broken up in November 2011 and the cockpit section is in a paintball facility on Gran Canaria (see Fokkernews #32)
20149 050F 5Y- * * * SE-MFJ The Swedish registration was cancelled 10 August 2021 as exported to Kenya. Although it flew to Kenya already last June, the new operator is still unknown, as is the Kenyan registration.
20181 050   9S-ABG Gomair. Pictures on social media show this F50 at Bumba airport stuck in a hole of the runway with its right main gear. The incident happened when the aircraft was taxiing to its take-off position and there were no casualties and minor damge. Bumba airport has a dirt strip as their single runway, which is described as being in a degraded condition. 
20199 050   SX-BRV Minoan Air. Part of the aft fuselage section with the registration was seen 16 July 2021 at a scrap yard in Haelen, close to the city of Roermond in southern Netherlands.
20263 050   EP-FQB Correction of wrong c/n in Fokkernews #44.
20280 050 JU-1050 OB-1770P Correction of wrong c/n in Fokkernews #44.
     Fokker F28, Fokker 70 & Fokker 100

Rather surprisingly after it was withdrawn from use in 2020 due to major structural issues, Argentina Air Force Fellowship TC-53 (11020) was seen being prepared for re-entry in service with LADE, the state-owned airline that serves remote destinations in the country. Like sister TC-52 it is painted in a new, low-visibility grey livery. On the left side it carries the name “10 de Agusto”, after the day on which the Air Force was established in 1912. (Tadeo Frezzia on Flickr, El Palomar, 10 August 2021)

In Brasilia the next phase of the PanAm Experience Group project (see also Fokkernews #33) was reached: former Avianca F100 PR-OAF (11415) was inaugurated in its full PanAm livery with the fake registration N281PA and name ‘Clipper Golden Light’. Guest of honor at the opening ceremony was the captain who emergency-landed PR-OAF in 2014 without victims. Now located at the premises of the Igreja Batista Central de Brasília church in Brasilia’s Asa Sul district, it has been transformed into a luxury restaurant. (Marcos Enrique Rocha on Flickr and Aeroflap, Brasilia, 4 August 2021)

As an illustration of the news item in the previous Fokkernews edition, here is a picture showing all what currently is left of former TUS Air F70 5B-DDI (11583). (Tobias Green, Larnaca, 22 July 2021)

11144 4000   EP-ASF Iran Aseman. Adding to Fokkernews #42, a recent picture on Jetphotos.net shows that this aircraft is still on the beach of the Toranj Hotel on Kish island and not yet sunk for diving purposes. It carries 'Toranj Diving Site' titles next to the Iranian flag.
11222 4000   HC-CDT Icaro. This Fellowship overshot the runway on take-off from Quito on 22 September 2008 and was damaged beyond repair, fortunately without any casualties. Then it served for Icaro's flight attendants training until the airline went bankrupt in 2011. Subsequently the aircraft was brought to the city of Salcedo, close to Latacunga, where it was an attraction in the garden of Rumipamba de las Rosas Hotel. Recently it was transferred (in parts) to San Felipe de Molleturo in Azuay, Ecuador. It looks in a rather poor condition and is reportedly awaiting future preservation in Cuenca.
11452 100   D-AOLG Avanti Air. Although this aircraft is parked most of the time at Paderborn-Lippstad awaiting its transfer to Australia later this year, it was seen in service in Piešt'any, Larnaca, Innsbruck, Cologna and Munich in late July. It is painted all white.


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